Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Perfect Denim Jacket

 If there is one thing I know I will never get rid of it is my denim jacket. This thing has been with me for about four years now and I honestly treasure it. This is most likely my most worn clothing item in my closet and it definitely adds to my collection of jackets. I am absolutely obsessed with jackets and have no idea why. I honestly just feel like they make any outfit look cooler. That could be my obsession talking but oh well we all have that one thing in our closet we automatically go to when we need to throw an outfit together.

Outfit Details
Top: No Rest For Bridget (Boutique)
Bottoms: American Eagle
Denim Jacket: Forever 21


  1. Yess love it! A good denim jacket is hard to find and this one is great on you! xx, Erin -

  2. nice pics

  3. Such a cute jacket! I love that classic cut :)
    xx Annie

  4. Love the color combination : ) Your jacket is so cool! Lovely outfit ; )